This suggested draft bill may be adopted or amended freely by members of Congress, to abolish Daylight Saving Time and restore permanent Standard Time nationwide, as is best for health, safety, education, economy, environment, and civil liberty.


To abolish daylight saving time, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Sleep Protection Act”.


Section 3(a) of the Uniform Time Act of 1966 (15 U.S.C. 260a) is amended by —

(1) striking subsection (a); and

(2) inserting before subsection…

This suggested draft bill may be adopted or amended freely by lawmakers to exempt any state from DST and restore permanent Standard Time, as is federally pre-approved and best for health, safety, education, economy, environment, and civil liberty.


An act to amend the Government Code in relation to the state’s computation of time; to provide that the state shall at all times observe the Standard Time of the United States; to exempt the state from the advancement of clocks to Daylight Saving Time; to provide an effective date; to repeal any conflicting laws; to urge neighboring states to enact similar…

Jay Pea, founder of Save Standard Time, debunks the many bizarre, baseless, conspiratorial, libelous, and harassing claims from Scott Yates of Lock the Clock.

Over 15 months, Scott Yates has written at least 28 false or defamatory tweets against my personal character (linked, quoted, and disproved below). He has written two blog posts of 4,000 words that make dozens of false and defamatory claims against my personal character (screenshot, linked, quoted, and disproved below). He has admitted his purpose is to affect my reputation (documented below). He has continually asked me repeated questions, and he has continually refused the answers.

The quickest way to end Daylight Saving Time’s clock changes in North America is to restore permanent Standard Time. Congress already permits states to restore permanent Standard Time, while permanent DST is federally forbidden. Arizona, Hawaii, and all US territories restored permanent Standard Time decades ago, without difficulty or drawback.[Craven][Jennings][Korch][Mauer][Mercury][Skelton 2018][Watson]

Permanent DST would require sweeping change to federal law by Congress — which could take several years, which might never occur, or which might be changed then reverted (as happened in 1974).[Alexia …

The United States tried permanent Daylight Saving Time in 1974. While initially supported by an estimated 79% of the population, its popularity quickly plummeted to 42% after its first winter. Several children died on their way to school, the public bemoaned the unnaturally late, dark mornings, and the two-year experiment was ended a year and a half early.[Clark][Downing 2005][Downing 2018][Herf][Jenkins][Merline][Ripley][Roenneberg 2019–08]

Permanent DST was similarly tried in the UK from 1968 to 1971, and in Russia from 2011 to 2014. Each time, the program was greeted with initial optimism, followed by public outcry and reversal.[BBC][Herf][Herf …

Many politicians assume the public prefers Daylight Saving Time, but data and history indicate otherwise. Preference between the two times is rarely asked, and polls depend heavily on how and when they’re conducted. Most people don’t know which time is which (granted, it can be confusing). Many who think they prefer DST usually just prefer summer’s naturally longer days, without realizing how dark winter mornings would be under permanent DST.[Achenbach][Herf][Meijer & Foster][Rasmussen]

Those who favor one time or the other are generally split (40% Standard vs 31% DST in a 2019 October scientific poll of 1,075 Americans;[AP-NORC][Davies] 35% DST vs…

Observation of Daylight Saving Time harms health, safety, education, productivity, wages, and environment. But it also leads us to drive, shop, and golf more — which benefits the special interests of select billion-dollar industries, mainly retail, golf, tourism, oil, and candy.

The petroleum industry noticed a connection between DST and consumer spending as early as 1930, and they’ve lobbied ever since to resurrect DST when it was abolished after World Wars I and II, and to extend its duration beyond just the summer months.[Block][Porter][Schlanger] …

Standard Time has been known as “God’s time”[Korch][Mauer][Hammill] to many farmers and religious populations, for its proximity to natural (solar) time. Daylight Saving Time’s arbitrarily added hour disrupts time-based prayers, creates scheduling conflicts for worshipers each morning and night, and places undue burden on their surrounding communities and businesses.

Judaism, for example, calls for daily prayers that are timed to sunrise, but permanent DST’s artificially delayed sunrises would force morning prayers to overlap with work hours in winter. …

Daylight Saving Time observation (not the changing of clocks) wastes energy and increases pollution. Artificially moving an hour of daylight from mornings to evenings might reduce evening lighting costs as originally promised, but any savings is canceled by increased morning lighting. Furthermore, modern lighting is not a considerable energy expense when compared to the far-less efficient expenses of heating and air conditioning.[Bambrick][Handwerk][Kotchen & Grant 2008–10][Kotchen & Grant 2008–12][Porter]

DST increases demand both for morning heat and evening air conditioning.[Albeck-Ripka][Bambrick][Kotchen & Grant 2008–10][Kotchen & Grant 2008–12][Porter] DST also encourages more evening driving, which led the petroleum industry to become a major…

The Chamber of Commerce invented the myth that DST benefited farmers, when they actually opposed it.

Please use this tool from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to tell Congress to stop clocks on healthier Standard Time, thanks!

Save Standard Time

Permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, kids, workers, and environment. It’s also the quickest end to Daylight Saving Time clock change. Nonprofit.

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