History Supports Permanent Standard Time

The United States tried permanent Daylight Saving Time in 1974. While initially supported by an estimated 79% of the population, its popularity quickly plummeted to 42% after its first winter. Several children died on their way to school, the public bemoaned the unnaturally late, dark mornings, and the two-year experiment was ended a year and a half early.[Clark][Downing 2005][Downing 2018][Herf][Jenkins][Merline][Ripley][Roenneberg 2019–08]

Permanent DST was similarly tried in the UK from 1968 to 1971, and in Russia from 2011 to 2014. Each time, the program was greeted with initial optimism, followed by public outcry and reversal.[BBC][Herf][Herf & Longcore][Lindsay 2019–12–05][Merline][Roenneberg 2019–08][Yorkshire] Why waste time, money, and lives repeating bad history?

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