Permanent DST Surges Forward Against Health & History

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4 min readMar 15, 2022


The US Senate today passed Senator Rubio’s S-623 ( for permanent Daylight Saving Time, by voice consent, without committee review. The bill next transmits to the US House.

We need now, more than ever:
• House opposition to unsafe permanent DST.
• House willpower to amend the Sunshine Protection Act to permanent Standard Time.
• A legislator willing to introduce our Sleep Protection Act for permanent Standard Time (

Per phone call by SST President Jay Pea to US Capitol switchboard: At 2:15pm ET, without announcement to Senate calendar, Senator Rubio offered amendment 5000 (unavailable until tomorrow on to delay S-623’s proposed effective date until 2023 November. At the same time, Rubio asked the Senate to discharge S-623 from committee for immediate floor vote. Bills usually are reviewed by committee before receiving consideration on the floor, but it is not required. The Senate approved by voice consent. S-623 next transmits to the House.

The House already has companion bill HR-69, and four similar bills, in consideration by the House Energy/Commerce Committee. The committee held its first hearing on DST last week.

If approved by the House, the bill would go to the President for possible signature or veto.

The Sunshine Protection Act would gut the Uniform Time Act to force all states into permanent DST, except Arizona, Hawaii, and all five territories, which observe permanent Standard Time.

Daylight Saving Time’s forward-turned clock lets us leave work/school early, but it forces us to start each day early too. Permanent DST would delay sunrise to 8:45am in most states, and force millions to work/school before sunrise for a third of the year.

Permanent DST has repeatedly failed in the US and abroad. It chronically deprives sleep, increases illness and accidents, lowers performance in school, sports, and the workplace. It cost US children’s lives when last tried.

Doctors, scientists, and teachers urge permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, education, and economy.

Standard Time is a standardization of solar time, the natural time defined by the sun. It is the fairest, safest, and healthiest solution to disruptive clock changes.

Polls show public opinion split, with more support for permanent Standard Time. History shows support for permanent DST reverses into opposition when experienced. DST’s association with summer boosts its support. But its reality is forced early winter waking.

Please tell your members of Congress to introduce our proposed Sleep Protection Act for healthier/safer permanent Standard Time. There are two ways to end clock change, but only the wrong way (permanent DST) is being considered by Congress.

Please click and share this link (or text SST to 50409) to send a pre-written letter to your members of Congress, asking they oppose unsafe permanent DST and support healthier permanent Standard Time. #EndDST #SaveStandardTime #SleepHealth #DaylightSaving



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