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3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Experts in Health/Safety/Education Oppose DST & Endorse Standard Time


Citizens demand an end to clock change. Which clock should be kept?

Experts for health, safety, and education urge that permanent Standard Time, the natural clock defined by the sun, is best supported by history and science. Among its endorsers are the American College of Chest Physicians, National Safety Council, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, National Sleep Foundation, National PTA, American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, and many more state, national, and international organizations.

Arizona, Hawaii, and all five populated US territories use permanent Standard Time. It’s federally pre-approved by the Uniform Time Act, making it the quickest end to disruptive clock changes. Standard Time is the clock observed by most nations worldwide. It balances morning and evening daylight, which improves circadian alignment and makes sleeping and waking easier.

Alternatively, permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST) would delay sunrise past 8 or even 9am for several weeks or months in most states. Its darkened mornings would force earlier waking relative to sunrise, while adding little if any after-work sunlight in winter. Permanent DST was a deadly disaster in 1974, when it quickly cost several children’s lives before being reverted.

Enter Save Standard Time: a new and rapidly growing movement to preserve and extend the observation of Standard Time (as defined by longitude) across North America. Founded in 2019, and incorporated in 2021, Save Standard Time recently received IRS recognition for 501(c)(4) status, doubled the size of its board of directors, and added a board of advisors. The nascent nonprofit regularly consults with scientists, doctors, teachers, and community leaders. They operate on volunteered time and donated funds to achieve their common-sense goals.

Together with partners from a breadth of fields, Save Standard Time works to raise public awareness, inform journalists, and persuade policymakers to evaluate the body of evidence that supports the continuation of Standard Time in winter, and the cessation of clock change by restoration of permanent Standard Time. Members of Save Standard Time have within the last year appeared on CNN, Daily Kos, Psychology Today, Slate, Today, and Yahoo News, and they have testified in state legislatures across America. Their efforts seem to be improving public policy, as the number of bills for permanent DST have decreased in favor of bills for permanent Standard Time, when comparing 2022 to 2021.

Save Standard Time can be found online at, as well as on Twitter and most social networks. They offer an SMS service to contact state lawmakers via text of “SST” to 50409 (cellular charges apply where applicable).


Jay Pea, President

Save Standard Time
501(c)(4) Nonprofit

Text SST to 50409 to Tell Lawmakers to End Daylight Saving Time



Save Standard Time

End Daylight Saving Time. Permanent Standard Time lets us sleep later for health, mood, safety, education, economy, and environment. We’re a 501(c)4 nonprofit.